1. Sutures

  2. Grey Pillar Sky

  3. Emergency

  4. Ease
    Slow Crush

  5. Blast In Turbigo

  6. Until We Hit The Shore

  7. Like Fighting Snakes
    Screw Houston

  8. Moving Mountains
    Wayfarer Youth

  9. Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.
    Ghost Years

  10. Beaufort
    Five Years Later

  11. When Stories Become Places
    Bright Lights

  12. All I Have
    Manu Armata

  13. Done Fishing
    Junkyard Safari

  14. Seven

  15. Ghost Years
    Ghost Years

  16. All Rise
    Screw Houston

  17. Demo
    Video Store

  18. Swingers
    New Pokerface

  19. Another Day, Another Religion
    New Pokerface

  20. Act The Animal
    New Pokerface

  21. Stay Put

  22. Breath Of A Ghost
    Colors Dead Bleed

  23. Stand In Line

  24. Kaleidoscope
    Holly Would Surrender

  25. Reload, Erase

  26. Monsters Begetting Monsters
    Thousand Oaks

  27. Autonomania
    The Kendolls

  28. Wørds

  29. Anesthesia
    Call It Off

  30. Howler
    Edward In Venice

  31. Split
    Deceits / I Saw Daylight

  32. Screw Houston
    Screw Houston

  33. We Come In Pieces
    Dead Giveaway

  34. Love Will Find You
    The Tourist

  35. Fortunate Souls | Wretched World
    Run Like Hell

  36. Lovers & Liars
    Call It Off

  37. Life Is Not Enough
    Note to Amy

  38. Here They Come Now
    Note to Amy

  39. Freedom
    States and Empires

  40. Full Lungs | Empty Words
    Black Art

  41. Unruly / Rejected

  42. Guardians Of Punk Rock

  43. A Stitch In Time
    The Morning Hour

  44. Going Down
    Note to Amy

  45. Zoologica
    Junkyard Safari

  46. Rise To The Occasion
    Smash The Statues

  47. Suicide
    States and Empires

  48. Heritage
    Colors Dead Bleed

  49. Better Days
    Said And Done

  50. In The Air

  51. For The Years
    The 101's

  52. Liars
    Call It Off

  53. Haven
    Sending Lights

  54. In Wonder And Awe
    The Lowest Standard

  55. A gentleman will never tell
    Screw Houston Start Screaming!

  56. Lovers
    Call It Off

  57. to what end...
    Meet The Storm

  58. Sink In Time/ Chemistry
    Harsh Realms

  59. Annihilation
    The 101's

  60. De Verharding
    Striking Justice

  61. When Trumpets Fade
    Screw Houston Start Screaming!

  62. Empty Hearts & Get-Well Cards
    Long Way Down

  63. The Seas Have No Roads

  64. November March EP
    Discourse Avenue

  65. Change The Station III
    White Russian Records - Change The Station compilation

  66. The Lady's First Song
    Note to Amy

  67. Change The Station II
    White Russian Records - Change The Station II compilation

  68. No Jokes... No Funny Stuff

  69. Change The Station I
    White Russian Records - Change The Station! Compilation

  70. Spank My Monkey And Call Me Daddy
    Spastik Spankers


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