De Verharding

by Striking Justice

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Calloused 02:01
Calloused Maybe I should just settle down in a small little house in a quiet little town friendships being build while others just fade away along with another passing phase. we’re all just trying to hold on but what if there’s nothing to hold on to calloused minds, broken thoughts empty hearts, drowned in the flood wasted hours, days, months have passed without me seeing what i see now. this world is sick.. or am I? reality check I grew calluses around it and gave the emptiness place I wish I could forget or at-least start-over again
De Verharding grey cubical lines shape a depressing composition, reminder of an era which has crumbled away, holding on to the crumbs of the past a better age where life was simple where did the idealist in us go?a new day, a new hope, a new scapegoat prestigious building projects in harrowing contrast to the empty apartments across optimism’s is no where to be found in a desert of concrete silk white hairs waving in a breeze of prosperity taste of bitter polarizing populism mixed with crisis and bankruptcy where did the idealist in us go?a new day, a new scapegoat
Baby Boomers 02:45
Baby Boomers boys become men bound to make millions but fail miserably ending in suburbia a duplex house and a two car garage a trophy wife fake tits and plastic smile the grass is always greener on our side and I swear one day i’m gonna leave this town set sail to the golden state move away to the bay if only my bank allowed yesterday I said tomorrow but I’m still here so it’s all a dream the bills won’t pay themselves so another day, in another lie while the dreams fade and the pain of failure grows prescription drugs viagra and porn everything I never wanted and so much more there should more to life than just this.
Blessed 03:13
Blessed When the darkness strikes upon us, the dream of something bigger, something more becomes an obsession, a dream of fiction slowly covered with a pile of shit nothing but homophobic boy loving pedophiles, every man for himself no hierarchy, no higher power, until we rot in the ground god free I believe in myself and no one else god free I believe in myself and no one else
Wildflower 00:47
Wildflower While the rain pours down from the sky, my roots are fueled by hope soaked in water, baptized in hope blinded by sunlight just enough rope pushing through, trying to succeed bloom and reach bloom and reach for the sun If life is an uphill battle than it’s all downhill from here I’ll keep screaming till lungs wear out I’ll keep on going till make my father proud
Nothing 02:32
Nothing more textured circles over surreal landscapes poison us with faith like some of it is real like it’s written on the wall provocation is in the eye of the beholder still the city’s in tears in different shapes sizes and colors we’ll just morn till the morning comes we’ll just morn with ‘m for the sake of conformity what if there is nothing that will ever fulfill me what if there is no light at the other end of every tunnel the world keeps spinning and my life is stuck no time time to question just take this journey realize that money isn’t everything everything is nothing nothing is everything


Beautiful packaged 7″ on black and colored vinyl.
An amazing EP not unlike Modern LIfe Is War, Have Heart, Touché Amoré
Mixed and mastered by Jay Maas (Defeater)

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released October 6, 2012


all rights reserved



White Russian Records The Netherlands

Punkrock label from The Netherlands.

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